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Buying a Home in SFWP Service Area

South Feather Water and Power Agency (SFWP) currently provides domestic and irrigation water to over 7,000 households in the Oroville area. If you are purchasing a home in our service area we are here to provide you with clean, safe drinking water. One of the first things to know about SFWPA is that we are a Special District and our bills are considered liens against the property. In the event that you are purchasing a property without utilizing an escrow company or acquiring a property through foreclosure, you will be responsible for any current water balances. We are happy to provide you with that information if you have any concerns.

Upon the closing of escrow, most local escrow companies will transfer the water account to the new owner’s name and verify that water accounts have been paid. In the event you are purchasing a home without the benefit of escrow, you will need to visit our office and complete paperwork to transfer the account. Proof of ownership and a copy of the filed deed will be required before the account transfer can be initiated, so please bring a copy with you on your visit. It would be prudent to visit our office a minimum of two weeks prior to the planned transfer of property. At that time we can inform you of any special circumstances regarding your account before you purchase the home. Such circumstances can include past due charges, damaged meters due to tampering, discontinued water service, etc. Please remember that water charges follow the property, which means you may assume unpaid charges.

To expedite your visit you may wish to use our “Service Order Form” and complete the relevant information before you arrive. Our staff will be happy to complete the remainder of the information and provide you with copies of the completed form. They will explain the billing process, charges, and any special circumstances at that time.

For prospective buyers, please verify the water account is currently active on the property you are about to purchase. Inactive water accounts can require additional expenses or installation before water service can be activated. Our office staff can inform you of any charges that might be required before you decide to purchase the home. Also note that, since the water charges are considered a lien against the property, SFWPA will only place the account in the name of the property owner. If you are renting the home or renting out your home, we can provide you convenient methods of calculating the current bill for move-out purposes. If you have any questions regarding this process or other policies of South Feather Water and Power Agency, please call our office at (530) 533-4578.

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