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Camping & Recreation

South Feather Water and Power Agency operates the South Feather Power Project (SFPP) under annual licenses from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The license describes the responsibilities of the Agency for providing beneficial public uses beyond hydropower generation, such as recreational opportunities.

The SFPP boundary includes all of the recreation facilities directly adjacent to Little Grass Valley and Sly Creek Reservoirs. Both the reservoirs are popular places for skiing, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and camping. With a variety of campsites (including horse camps and back pack camps), RV parks, and boat launches, the reservoirs are the perfect place to vacation with your family. 

Campgrounds & Roads
Little Grass Valley CampgroundCLOSED
Sly Creek Boat LaunchCLOSED
Sly Creek CampgroundCLOSED
Sly Creek RoadOPEN
Strawberry CampgroundCLOSED


The public has access to the Agency’s reservoirs/lakes and may use facilities on each as follows:

  1. Little Grass Valley - (no restrictions) Public trail around lake; three boat ramps; two beaches for swimming; five developed campgrounds.
  2. Sly Creek – Two boat ramps (5 mph limit on Strawberry branch of reservoir); two campgrounds.
  3. Lost Creek - (no restrictions) Camping, boating, fishing, and swimming allowed (campground undeveloped).
  4. Miners Ranch Reservoir is fenced - no public access allowed due to terminal reservoirs for water treatment facilities.
  5. Ponderosa - Camping, boating (no gasoline-powered watercraft), fishing and swimming allowed (campground undeveloped).
  6. South Fork Diversion - No boating or swimming. Camping and fishing allowed (campground undeveloped.
  7.  Slate Creek Diversion - No boating or swimming. Camping and fishing allowed (campgrounds undeveloped).
  8.  Forbestown Diversion - No camping, boating or swimming. Fishing allowed. 
  9.  Lake Wyandotte - Fishing allowed - no power boats. No camping or swimming.
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