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Dam Safety

The Agency owns nine dams in total. Eight of the dams are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as part of the South Feather Power Project. All nine of the dams are considered jurisdictional under the DWR Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) regulatory authority.


Any FERC licensee with a dam or other project work classified as high or significant hazard potential is required to submit an Owner's Dam Safety Program (ODSP) to the Regional Engineer. For SFWPA, this includes Little Grass Valley Dam, Sly Creek Dam, Lost Creek Dam, and Miners Ranch Dam. Lake Wyandotte Dam is also classified as high hazard, but because it is not a part of the hydropower project, it is only jurisdictional to the DWR Division of Safety of Dams. SFWPA has historically included all nine dams under its ownership in order to maintain focus on safety, no matter the hazard classification.


The Agency works with both the FERC and DSOD to conduct annual inspections of dam structures and associated facilities, and submits required annual reporting including Dam Safety Surveillance Monitoring Reports, Emergency Action Plans, Public Safety Plan updates, and many others.


The South Feather Water and Power Agency dams provide many benefits, including storage for irrigation and treated water supplies, hydroelectric generation, recreation and aquatic resource management.  Our customers are encouraged to enjoy these resources safely.  For more information about risks associated with living downstream of dams, please refer to the ‘Living with Dams: Know Your Risks’ brochure.  Property owners downstream of Miners Ranch Dam can identify their property location in relation to the inundation zone by referring to the ‘Miners Ranch Dam Inundation Map’.


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