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Current Water Concerns

Thank you  for visiting our website regarding your water quality concerns.  In addition to making sure the water at our customers’ taps is safe to drink, South Feather Water and Power Agency also strives to meet customer expectations for water characteristics such as taste, odor and appearance.  These types of aesthetic concerns in drinking water are not considered public health threats, and the source water and distribution system is frequently monitored to assure water quality standards are met.  The water quality concerns of our customers is given immediate attention and considered as one of our highest priorities.

We are currently experiencing a taste and odor problem that is the result of an unusually high concentration of organic matter in our source-water reservoir.  We are presently importing fresh water into the reservoir to reduce the concentration of the problematic organic matter.  Also, the water distribution system is being flushed extensively to provide improved water quality to our customers’ residences.

Thank you for your time, attention and patience regarding this important subject.

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