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How do I find out if water is available on my property?

For those parties interested in applying for water service on a parcel or parcels you can request that South Feather Water and Power Agency (SFWPA) complete an Application for Service on your property of interest. There is no cost for the application process and typically takes five business days to complete. When the application is complete the requestor will have either an estimate to deliver water to the property or a denial stating why water cannot be delivered at this time.

There are numerous components which factor into the cost of the service which is why “ball park” estimates are not given over the phone. SFWPA needs to understand many factors which affect our ability to serve your parcel.  These questions must be answered and can add costs to your installation. Factors can include:

  • Is the parcel within our service boundaries?
  • Is the parcel within our district? Many parcels inside of SFWPA’s service boundaries are technically not part of our district and will require annexation to the district before the property can be serviced.
  • What is the available water capacity and/or pressure in the area?
  • What side of the street is the mainline from your property?
  • Have System Capacity Charges been paid?

If you are interested in starting an Application for Service please review the application packet listed below. You can start the application process by calling our office at (530) 533-4578 or filling out an application at our office at 2310 Oro-Quincy Highway in Oroville. Each application will require the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of the property in question.

Application for Water Service
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